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Our Story

Once upon a time…

In a land called Montana, in the U.S.A., there was a school with many teachers. There were Science teachers, Math teachers, English teachers and an Art teacher. The Science, Math and English teachers all had beautiful text books, but not the Art teacher. There was no money left in the budget for her classroom sketch text books.

“I will buy sketchbooks myself.” The Art teacher thought to herself. But on her meager salary she couldn’t afford quality sketchbooks for every student.

Once upon a time...

She was very creative and thought, “I will have my students make their own sketchbooks in the classroom.” But this took too much precious class time.

So she thought, “I will have my students buy their own sketchbooks!” But because of the disparity it was very difficult to teach her discipline from the vast collection of sketchbooks. Also, the sketchbooks the students purchased were imported from other countries at a time when her country needed the work.

Despaired, she went out for a drive looking for answers, and came across a bindery. She thought, “I will see how much it would be to make our text books at the bindery.” She told the owner of the bindery her dilemma, and to her delight the owner of the bindery was a Fine Arts Major in college. He loved art and understood completely her dilemma! He too understood the importance of sketching and the discipline the arts bring to education.


The artist and bindery owner worked
together to create the finest budget-friendly
sketchbooks in the land.

Once upon a time...

The sketchbooks were made “green” and good for the environment. They used the finest paper from the Sustainable Forest Initiative for the pages. The spiral binding was made from recycled material and came in many colors. The front cover was reinforced for durability, and the back cover was rigid, just like a professional artist sketchbook. They were able to produce more of these books affordably too.

And so they all taught happily ever after!
And that was just The Beginning…

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