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Welcome to Sketchforschools Publishing, Inc.

Dedicated to Learning Through Art!

SketchforSchools is dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality classroom sketchbooks.

Every aspect of our sketchbooks are manufactured in America and all of our paper is part of the Sustainable Forest Initiative. The Educational Sketchbook Program® sketchbooks have been adopted by art teachers and other professionals in the field of art education for more than two decades. This dedication to learning through art has nurtured relationships with other like-minded professionals who believe in the important part sketching plays in academics.

SketchforSchools has teamed up with professionals in the field of neuroscience to bring you the Neurodevelopmental Drawing Series™. This is a researched-based curriculum, which uses the elements of art in the natural processes the way the brain develops. SketchtoHeal™ has teamed up with Art Therapists who use sketching as a tool to help children and adults through the process of healing and trauma. Sketch’nTell® combines sketching and storytelling. Custom Sketchbooks allow professionals to create their own textbook by printing custom curriculum and custom covers to promote schools, camps, museums, and other sketch and learn organizations. Our latest program, Artist Corner, teams up with artists and budding artists to sell their unique creations.

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Please visit our “Order Now” categories to learn more about each of these programs. Thank you for visiting SketchforSchools, your support helps us keep sketching in the classroom and affordable for our art teachers.

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