Standard Sketchbooks

Standard classroom sketchbooks at budget sensitive prices! Choose size, page count and paper weight, that's it!

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Custom Sketchbooks

Customizable classroom sketchbooks at budget sensitive prices! Same as our standard sketchbooks with additional custom options.

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Sketch ‘n Tell®

Combining sketching and storytelling. The top half of the page is for sketching, the bottom half of the page provides lines for storytelling. Comes in Elementary and Secondary rule.

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Draw Smarts™

A neurodevelopmental drawing home-based program using progressive draw patterns the way the brain naturally develops. Better learning, better brain function.

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Neurodevelopmental Drawing Series®

Professional series. Researched-based learning series that uses progressive draw patterns to encourage and strengthen neural pathways in the brain.

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Welcome to Sketchforschools Publishing, Inc.

Dedicated to Learning Through Art!

SketchforSchools is dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality classroom sketchbooks

Every aspect of the sketchbooks is manufactured in America and all paper is part of the Sustainable Forest Initiative®. The Educational Sketchbook Program® sketchbooks has been adopted by art teachers and other professionals in the field of art education for more than two decades.

This dedication to learning through art has nurtured relationships with other like-minded professionals who believe in the important part sketching plays in core academics. SketchforSchools has teamed up with professionals in the field of neuroscience to bring Draw Smarts™, a neurodevelopmental approach to learning. A researched-based curriculum, which implements the elements of art as a vehicle using progressive drawing patterns the way the brain naturally develops.

Sketch’nTell® a sketchbook that combines sketching and storytelling. The top is a frame for drawing, and lines in elementary rule or secondary rule below.

Custom Sketchbooks allow professionals to create their own art education textbook by printing custom curricula.

Please visit our “Shop Now” categories to learn more about each of these programs. Thank you for visiting SketchforSchools, your support helps us keep sketching in the classroom and affordable for our art teachers, schools, and most important, students.

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