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Standard Sketchbooks

Standard classroom sketchbooks at budget sensitive prices! Choose size, page count and paper weight, that's it!

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Custom Sketchbooks

Customizable classroom sketchbooks at budget sensitive prices! Same as our standard sketchbooks with additional custom options.

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Sketch ‘n Tell®

Combining sketching and storytelling. The top half of the page is for sketching, the bottom half of the page provides lines for storytelling. Comes in Elementary and Secondary rule.

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Draw Smarts™

A neurodevelopmental drawing home-based program using progressive draw patterns the way the brain naturally develops. Better learning, better brain function.

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Neurodevelopmental Drawing Series®

Professional series. Researched-based learning series that uses progressive draw patterns to encourage and strengthen neural pathways in the brain.

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Welcome to Sketchforschools Publishing, Inc.

Dedicated to Learning Through Art!

Thank you for visiting the SketchforSchools website. SketchforSchools Publishing began almost two decades ago by providing educational sketchbooks and art books to schools at budget-sensitive prices. This commitment evolved into the Educational Sketchbook Program® and continues to grow and support art education and the STEM community. Teachers from all over the country and internationally have joined the endeavor. Thanks to the community of art teachers who continue to believe, share, and support the program throughout the years, SketchforSchools has become a leading provider of art education sketchbook textbooks. As the landscape of education changes, the need for pencil and paper will always remain an essential part of the learning experience. The most rewarding aspect of The Educational Sketchbook Program® is seeing the growth of sketching in the classroom. At SketchforSchools, providing these essential tools remains cost-conscious, environmentally responsible, quality constructed with mutual consideration for the learner and the teacher.

Changes to the landscape of the education community encourage creative thinking and innovative ways to meet hurdles. SketchforSchools continues to work with the community and listen to the challenges of the teachers. Sketchbooks are customizable in a variety of ways. As teacher responsibilities become broadened to include multiple grades, classes, and even schools, customizing the sketchbook can help. Alterations such as changing binding colors to help organize grades and classes; curriculum, assignment sheets, and schedules can be printed and bound into the sketchbook; add pocketed covers to help students stay organized. Cost savings are equally significant. The teacher can order only the quantity needed, adding black paper per sheet, ordering sketchbooks with a choice of sheet counts.

Transforming the way ordering the classroom sketchbook textbooks helps minimize waste and cost. As research in education, behavior, and learning bring new awareness, SketchforSchools rises to the challenges by offering new and innovative products at budget-sensitive prices.

SketchforSchools continues to work with teachers and professionals in education, special education, and neuroscience to create new products and improve old products. Products such as Sketch ‘n Tell with sketching on the top and lines for storytelling on the bottom. The latest addition to the sketchbooks is the Structured Sequential Sketchbooks, which alternate graphed sketch paper and blank sketch paper.

New products include using a neuroscience approach; studies have shown improve visual / motor integration and visual perception, improved collaboration, critical thinking, and knowledge retention. Download the free Prospectus: a Neurodevelopmental Approach to Learning for more information. SketchforSchools is excited to bring a product, a curriculum, a learning series that combines the elements of art using progressive patterns the way the brain naturally develops. This program was once limited to special education, and therapeutic application is now mainstream. Neurodevelopmental Drawing Series®, a more intense and therapeutic application, has been altered for the classroom and home application; and is also available in English and Spanish.

SketchforSchools continues to bring new and innovative products to support art education and improve learning. It is our mission; it is our purpose; dedicated to learning through art. Visit our website often to find new products added, and old ones improved. Order a free Paper Sample Catalog with samples of sketch paper, art paper, black paper, upgraded covers, as well information on other products offered. Thank you for visiting the SketchforSchools Publishing website.

We look forward to you becoming a part of the Art Education Community at SketchforSchools Publishing.

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