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Budget Sensitive

The SketchforSchools’ Educational Sketchbook Program® was designed by art education professional and bindery professionals to build a quality sketchbook textbook and visual journal at budget sensitive prices. Through a consortium of art professionals, the program emerged with a full line of quality classroom sketch and art books made from the finest art paper, rugged construction, thick custom-made binding from recycled material that does not have memory like traditional wire binding.

Schools, businesses, museums, or home artists are all invited to be a part of the program. By participating in the program your support increases the volume. The increase in volume empowers SketchforSchools to negotiate great rates on paper, which translates to savings for our art education professionals. The more schools, museums and any art lover who participate, the better assurance of keeping the prices below wholesale. At SketchforSchools, ground shipping is always free!

Awareness of the Educational Sketchbook Program® is primarily through national and local art educator associations; however, the program is dependent on our art teacher’s referrals. Your support keeps the sketchbooks affordable! So please help us get the word out.

Tough and Durable Enough for Any Student

All of our sketchbooks and art books are constructed with rigid front and back covers so they will not rip off in backpacks, desks, or lockers. Also perfect for field sketching and journaling. The blank cover provides a creative format for students to personalize their sketchbooks

Custom Made Stout Spiral Binding — All of the binding material is made of plastic pvc spiral material. The pvc material is made from 35% post-consumer product. This material has no memory and will not bend or deform like wire material commonly used in sketchbook binding. This material is very friendly for K-12 grades.

Highest Quality Paper

All sketchbook and art book paper are acid free and lignin free for archival quality. All paper is eco-friendly, environmentally responsible, and part of the Sustainable Forest Initiative®. Each book is designed with a blank front and back. The only intrusion on the back cover is a seal of authenticity, showing this sketchbook is part of the Educational Sketchbook Program® designed to keep sketching affordable and in the classroom. Inside sheets come standard with 25, 50, 75 or 100 sheets.

Varying Levels for Different Abilities and Media

Sketchbooks come in three levels with smooth, hot pressed [text weight] opaque paper. The Entry Level is a lighter 60# weight opaque used for journaling and pencil sketching. The Intermediate Level is a medium 80# weight smooth opaque great for all dry techniques. The Advanced Level is a heavy 100# weight smooth opaque for use with all dry media and ink work.

Art books are cold pressed, heavy [cover weight] paper with “tooth”. Art Books come in Intermediate Level, a medium weight paper; and Advance level, a heavy weight paper. These are perfect for mixed media including acrylic, light watercolor, and pen/pencil.

Authenticity Stamp of Approval

Our Stamp of Authenticity logo is printed the back cover. This logo represents that you are part of a community of art educator professionals who support the importance of sketching in the classroom.

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All American Made

All of our Art and Sketchbooks are 100% American-made.

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