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Art Teacher Designed

The SketchforSchools’ Educational Sketchbook Program® was originally designed by art education professionals and bindery professionals.  The goal was to build quality sketchbook textbooks and visual journals that fit the limited budgets of the teachers. Because of the overwhelming support of the art education community, the program has grown to include a wide range of products designed to support and improve learning.

The program is not limited to the education community.  Participation in the program supports the art education community and the American businesses that support SketchforSchools. Your participation empowers SketchforSchools to negotiate volume discounts, which translates to savings. SketchforSchools’ goal is to pass on the savings and to keep prices below wholesale. At SketchforSchools, ground shipping is always free!

Awareness of the Educational Sketchbook Program® is primarily through the National Art Education Association [NAEA], donations to state and local art education associations and in-service community, as well as social media campaigns. However, ultimately the program is dependent on our teacher’s referrals. Your support keeps the sketchbooks affordable! So please share and help us get the word out.

Constructed with the [budding] artist in mind!

All sketchbooks and art books are constructed with rigid front and back covers, designed for the student and the rugged classroom environment. The covers have no intrusion, as we believe students create the best cover designs for their sketchbooks. The blank cover provides a canvas for students to personalize and express their creativity.

Highest Quality, Environmentally Responsible

The paper used in the sketchbook products is acid-free and lignin-free for archival quality. All paper is eco-friendly, environmentally responsible, and part of the Sustainable Forest Initiative®. SketchforSchools’ products are made from the finest raw materials, with rugged construction. The binding material is made from recycled material and has no memory like traditional wire binding. All raw materials used in SketchforSchools’ products are American-made.

Designed to fit most Curriculum, Customizable.

Sketchbooks come in three levels of paper, hot-pressed for a smoother finish: a beginning entry-level; intermediate level, a great value for broader use; advanced level, for dry media and ink.

Artbooks are cold-pressed for texture and are heavy [cover weight] paper. Art Books come in two levels: intermediate level, a medium weight paper; advanced level, a great heavyweight paper. Artbooks are perfect for mixed media including acrylic, light watercolor, and pen/marker/pencil.

It is recommended to order the free Paper Catalog to try out the paper, and to see all customizable options available.

Sketchbooks and art books come standard with a choice of 25, 50, 75, or 100 sheets. The variety of sheet counts and custom features are designed with the teacher’s budget in mind by only selecting what is needed.

All sketchbooks are customizable!

Minimal Intrusion

A stamp on the back cover or inside the front cover is the only intrusion on the sketchbooks. The emblem is used to convey the paperweight of the sketchbook; and most importantly, a stamp of authenticity. This representation not only displays your support for the Educational Sketchbook Program® but identifies you as part of a community of art education professionals who understand and support the importance of sketching and journal in learning.

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