Foundation Skills Professional Instructors


The Foundation Skills™ are the “fundamental building blocks” of a neurodevelopmental approach to learning.  This series is the “hands on” neuroscience template for learners of all ages.  The brain continues to learn at every stage of life.  Neural pathways grow and flourish with continued nourishment; natural pruning occurs when pathways are not exercised.  The Neurodevelopmental Drawing Series™ employs universal drawing patterns which increase in complexity and compound to create graduating patterns.  The patterns are ordered methodically the way the brain develops.  The learner progresses:  developmentally using sequential, relational, and repetitive activities.  The simplicity of the curriculum is one of its many benefits.  The foundation or “fundamental building blocks” of patterns exercise the mind encouraging and strengthening new neural pathways; additionally, the curriculum can be repeated – further strengthening and encouraging new neural pathways.  Practicing and mastering the patterns sequentially promotes fluid and continuous movement.

Professional Instructors kits are currently purchased separately.  Four parts are required two are Professional Instructor’s tools, Instructor’s manual, and Flip book purchased once; two are the learners, Mastery Workbook and Practice Workbook for each learner.  You may also opt to include a blank sketchbook which promotes further creativity.  Practicing the draw forms in a blank sketchbook is where brain activation occurs.

Instructors Manual.  “Instructor’s Manual” provides the educator with detail therapeutic directives.  Each form expectations are defined, as well as cues and an understanding of how and why of the importance of a neurodevelopmental approach.  Flip Book which presents the draw forms on an easel for ease-of-use.  Mastery Workbook- where the learner will enter their draw form. Practice Workbook-providing the learner practice for each draw form before drawing the form in the Mastery Workbook.  The Mastery workbook is like the “exam” for each draw form, and documents progression.  Blank Sketchbook for encouraging and promoting further creativity and brain activation.

Neurodevelopmental Drawing Series® is a progressive drawing program the way the brain naturally develops.  Each Book must be completed in the order as designed to maximize learning potential and to achieve desired results as defined in the research-studies.


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