Draw-To-Read Professional Workbook


The Draw to Read™ (DTR) drawing series is designed for the pre-reader and delayed reader. The format develops basic skills through random and sequential repetition using familiar pictures. By applying a neurodevelopmental approach to learning, this series progresses from: random placement, to tracing, and then on to “free draw.” This model of progression is found throughout the Neurodevelopmental Drawing Series™.

The Draw to Read™ program focuses on the developmental needs of an early learner. The Draw to Read™ curriculum:

  • Prepares the learner for reading.
  • Establishes relational development.
  • Uses familiar “word pictures” for easy recognition and placement.
  • Follows the same Neurodevelopmental Drawing Series: Foundation Skills, the “fundamental building blocks”, with more repetition for the early learner and beginning developmental skill level.

The Draw to Read™ is comprised of the Instructor’s Manual which provides encouraging language, therapeutic guidelines used in the research studies. Only one Instructor’s Manual is needed for an Instructor, therapist, or leader. The learner’s workbook is required for each learner.


Earn up to 2,420 Points.