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The Neurodevelopmental Drawing Series® is a researched-based learning series that uses progressive draw patterns to encourage and strengthen neural pathways in the brain.

We encourage you to download the free Prospectus: a neurodevelopmental approach to learning under FREE PDF DOWNLOADS. Video introduction viewed under the VIDEO top menu.

The program has been used in special education, art therapy, occupational therapy. The Beery VMI results show significant improvements in visual perceptual and motor coordination after 8 weeks using the program 3-4 days a week, 10 to 20 minutes a day.

The Foundation Skills series comprises three books: Book 1-Straight Lines, Book II- Loops, Book III – Curves, and Circles. The patterns progress in complexity while exercising and creating neural pathways.

Foundation skill books are comprised of the Instructors Manual, which defines the parameters of the program;
Draw Form FlipBook, which presents the progressive draw patterns to the learner; Practice Draw Box Sketchbook;
Mastery Draw Box Sketchbook, the mastery sketchbook documents the learner’s final placement and progression for each Draw Form.

Foundation skills are for any learner, all ages who have begun to read and can hold a pencil. Each part of the series is sold separately.

The Draw-to-Read Series is for those learners who have not begun reading or may need extra practice in a guided and control setting. Special needs may include those learners who are on the Autistic Spectrum, learning disability, or pre-readers.

Draw-to-Read Instructor’s manual and student workbook are sold separately.