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Draw Smarts® is designed from the Neurodevelopmental Drawing Series® used in professional educational and therapeutic settings. The Draw Smarts® combines the progressive drawing patterns and mastery book for an inclusive workbook used in home school, therapeutic, special education use. Draw Smarts® is sold separately or in Draw Smart® kits that combine the series with a Practice Draw Box and Blank Sketchbook to practice further. We encourage you to download the free Prospectus: a neurodevelopmental approach to learning for more information on this impactful advancement in brain development using art as the key to unlocking learning potential.

Foundation Skills is for learner 5 (reader) and up, with no age limit. We recommend that every learner hold a pencil and take advantage of this advancement in learning potential to build and encourage neural pathways.

Draw-to-Read is for pre-readers, special ed, autistic, or any learner who may need more practice in guided and controlled practice.