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Emerging research now points to the importance of an integrated approach to learning. The Neurodevelopmental Drawing Series™ is designed from a body of research that combines learning, behavior and neuroscience which optimizes learning potential. Research shows that learning by doing, such as drawing, increases reading potential (James, 2009; Levine, 1998, 2002). The Neurodevelopmental Drawing Series™ is the “key” which follows a course of drawing development and is aided by the process of increasing complexity and sequencing. These are powerful tools to develop better brain function.

✓  Improved Memory
✓  Optimized Learning Potential
✓  Strengthened Brain and Nervous System Functions
✓  Facilitated Natural Development & Learning
✓  Increased Self Confidence
✓  Improved Self-Control
✓  Improved Pattern Recognition
✓  Improved Visual-Spatial Perception
✓  Increased Creativity

Foundation Skills Series™ Classroom Edition:

Instructor's Manual
Workbook I — Straight Lines
Workbook II — Loops
Workbook III — Circles and Curves

The Classroom Edition is comprised the Complete Instructor's Manual and Student Workbook for each of the three levels. The workbooks are designed with the same rugged design as our educational sketchbooks, and the covers are colorless for the student to personalize.

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