Starter Kits

Starter Kits provide a comprehensive package for each of the curriculum levels. These are great for learners, parents, care providers, teachers, therapists, or anyone who would like to experience a neurodevelopmental approach to learning.

Each Kit is equipped with all of the material respective to the learning level: Instruction Manual, Workbook(s), medium (drawing tool). All drawing tools used in the Neurodevelopmental Drawing Series™ are from Sargent Art. Sargent is the leading supplier of quality art materials to the educational and retail markets throughout the United States. Only the finest materials are used to manufacture Sargent Art ® products, and because children use our crayons, paints and other art materials, all products are certified non-toxic. Sargent Art ® Inc. is a member of NSSEA (National School Supply Equipment Association), NAMTA (National Art Material Trade Association), and HIA (Hobby Industry of America).

In order to experience the most from the Neurodevelopmental Drawing Series™, it is recommended that learners and facilitators read the Prospectus: Neurodevelopmental Learning™, as well as the instruction manual to gain a greater depth of knowledge on this ground-breaking approach to learning.

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