Foundation Skills

The Foundation Skills ™ are the "fundamental building blocks" of a neurodevelopmental approach to learning. This is the "hands on" neuroscience template for learners of all ages. The brain continues to learn at every stage of life. Neural pathways grow and flourish with continued nourishment; natural pruning occurs when pathways are not exercised. The Neurodevelopmental Drawing Series ™ employs universal drawing patterns which increase in complexity and compound to create graduating patterns.

We encourage all individuals who are interested in facilitating, teaching, leading a learner through any level of the Neurodevelopmental Drawing Series ™ to personally experience the program and the benefits. Even if you only progress through Level I, the experience will equip the leader in establishing a plan for their learner, including parents who will be taking a child through the program.

The Foundation Skills is for all learners who desire to improve and exercise brain function, improve eye-coordination, fine motor skills, hand writing, artistic expression, visual processing, visual motor skills, visual interpetation.



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