Draw To Read

The Draw to Read ™ (DTR) series is designed for the pre-reader and delayed reader. Draw to Read ™ is not another reading program; it is not a phonics program, it is not a read in eight weeks program. Draw to Read ™ is the foundation which prepares the learner by strengthening and encouraging the neural pathways for learning. The format develops basic skills through random and sequential repetition using familiar pictures. By applying a neurodevelopmental approach to learning, this series progresses from: random placement, to tracing, and then on to free drawing. This model of progression is found throughout the Neurodevelopmental Drawing Series ™.

The Draw-to-Read series is designed for pre-reader or delayed reader neuro-typical ages 2-5. Children with delays,sensory processing disorder, ASD, eye-hand coordination challenges, post CVA, TBI that are relearning how to read and write, as well as Dyslexia of all ages.

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