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Emerging research now points to the importance of an integrated approach to learning. The Neurodevelopmental Drawing Series™ is designed from a body of research that combines learning, behavior and neuroscience which optimizes learning potential. Research shows that learning by doing, such as drawing, increases reading potential (James, 2009; Levine, 1998, 2002). The Neurodevelopmental Drawing Series™ is the “key” which follows a course of drawing development and is aided by the process of increasing complexity and sequencing. These are powerful tools to develop better brain function.

✓ Improved Memory
✓ Optimized Learning Potential
✓ Strengthened Brain and Nervous System Functions
✓ Facilitated Natural Development & Learning
✓ Increased Self Confidence
✓ Improved Self-Control
✓ Improved Pattern Recognition
✓ Improved Visual-Spatial Perception
✓ Increased Creativity

Foundation Skills Series™ for Readers, approximate age 5 and up.

Pre-Readers and Special needs: DrawtoRead™. DrawtoRead™ provides more repetition and controlled draw.

Foundation Skills Series™ Home Edition:

Complete Series - Foundation Skills™ Workbooks, I,II, III available on Amazon.


DrawtoRead™: Book I Instruction and Workbook available on Amazon.

DrawtoRead™: Book II Instruction and Workbook available on Amazon.